What is the Mactaquac Project?

Mactaquac Hydroelectric Generating Station is expected to reach the end of its service life in 2030. NB Power has identified three possible options for the station, each with broad implications for people and the natural environment. NB Power will seek input from experts, First Nations and all New Brunswickers before selecting a preferred option in 2016.

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Present Day

The Mactaquac Generating Station generates energy using the flow of water from the Saint John River and supplies about 12 per cent of New Brunswick’s electricity needs.

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Option 1

Would most likely mean building a new powerhouse and spillway on the opposite side of the river from the existing ones. This option would leave the earthen dam intact.

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Option 2

Build new spillway on the opposite side of river, maintain earthen dam, and decommission existing concrete structures. Head pond remains intact with no generation.

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Option 3

This option means draining the head pond and removing the powerhouse, spillways, and the earthen dam, allowing nature to bring the river back to a natural flow.

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August 26, 2016 FREDERICTON – The decision-making process about the future of Mactaquac Generating Station has reached another milestone with the completion of environmental, social, scientific and public engagement reports on the project. In keeping with NB Power’s commitment ...

May 6, 2016 Fredericton, N.B. – In advance of a series of public sessions on the future of Mactaquac Generating Station and the close of public input on May 31, NB Power is providing an update on the status ...

March 24, 2016 NB Power is inviting the public to a series of community-based dialogue sessions about the future of Mactaquac Generating Station, and encouraging informed dialogue with a new discussion paper focused on policy and technical considerations related ...